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Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi Expands Bus Services with 400 Daily Trips in Abu Dhabi, 180 in Al Ain Through Nine New Bus Routes
Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013

3 new bus routes in Abu Dhabi and 6 in Al Ain

The Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi announced today that it has expanded bus services by operating 9 new routes: three in Abu Dhabi and six in Al Ain. The buses began providing services for commuters in both cities recently. The new services will increase the number of total daily bus trips in Abu Dhabi by 27% and in Al Ain by 20% respectively.

According to DoT, the new routes include:

  • Lane number (010): connecting Ras Al Akhdar with Al Mina and passing through Al Falah Street and Tourist Club Area.
  • Lane number (040): connecting Al Marrayah Sowwah Square with Al Bateen Executive Airport.
  • Lane number (063): linking Al Marina Area with Al Reem Island.

Moring trips (from 06:00 am - 11:00 pm) on those services are scheduled every 20 minutes while night ones (from 11:00 pm - 01:00 am) are every 60 minutes.

New initiated bus routes in Al Ain include:

  • Lane number (360): connecting Al Ain Bus Station with Madinat Nahil West.
  • Lane number (380): connecting Al Ain Bus Station with Al Faqa Souk.
  • Lane number (390): connecting Al Ain Bus Station with Al Shwaib Souq.
  • Lane number (376): connecting Madinat Nahil West Mosque with Sweihan-Souq.
  • Bus trip services on the those routes are scheduled every 120 minutes.

Other new bus services that are now operational in Al Ain are:

  • Lane number (495): connecting Al Ain Souq with Alia Mosque via trips every 60 minutes.
  • Lane number (496): connecting Al Saad Poultry Farm with Al Yahar Labour Accommodation by trips scheduled every 30 minutes.

Furthermore, the Department of Transport highlighted that new bus services are aimed at covering new geographic areas via bus routes.

Saeed Mohammed Fadel Al Hameli, General Manager of the Bus Office at the DoT, said, "The operation of new routes that connect strategic locations in both Abu Dhabi and Al Ain is in line with our strategy aimed at providing a larger geographic coverage via bus services, thereby helping attain the envisioned and defined economic and social development of Abu Dhabi through facilitating interconnectivity amongst various areas."

'Bus services are gaining more popularity amongst various segments of the community, given their outstanding advantages as world-class, convenient, safe and available means for transport, making it a quality and sustainable option for commuters", he added.

Stressing the commitment of the DoT to providing bus services that encompass a larger number of tourism landmarks in Abu Dhabi, Al Hameli stated that three bus routes will provide services to Emirates Park Zoo, starting today. Operating a trip every 60 minutes, those lanes are:

  • Lane number (202): starts from Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi heading towards Emirates Park Zoo
  • Lane number (218): starts from Al Shahama Souq towards Al Raha Beach passing through Emirates Park Zoo.
  • Lane number (225): starts from Al Shahama Bus Station towards Al Rahba Hospital passing through Emirates Park Zoo.

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