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Trade Facilitation Excellence Brief Scope of Services
Thursday, Mar 07, 2019
DoT/T/SPP/1827/19 -Trade Facilitation Excellence Brief Scope of Services
Effective and efficient trade facilitation is of paramount importance to the success of a country’s economy. Following the World Customs Organization (WCO) Trade Facilitation Agreement, of which the UAE is a signatory, global economies have been focused on streamlining trade facilitation. Renowned global organizations such as the World Bank, OECD and World Economic Forum are now monitoring trade facilitation performance. They have provided clear methodologies for economies to monitor their own performance and this tender ensures that the consultant delivers the following tasks:
  1. Establish and operate a trade facilitation task force  
  2. Fully functioning and effective trade facilitation task force.
  1. Baselining effort
  2. Clearly mapped out trade facilitation journey for Abu Dhabi including all processes, costs and requirements for all commodities relevant to the 9 plays identified in the Logistics Strategy.
  1. Global Benchmarking Exercise
  2. Benchmark study and best practice recommendations from world bodies (e.g. World Bank, WCO and OECD) identifying global best practice focusing on the 9 plays identified by the Logistics Strategy.
  1. Trade facilitation performance indicators   
  2. Abu Dhabi Trade Facilitation KPI dashboard that accurately reflects the performance of the stakeholders across the whole trade facilitation journey.
  1. Identify areas for improvement and build list of interventions for implementation
  2. A prioritized and agreed list of trade facilitation interventions incl. costs and clear project plan approved by the Logistics Sector Governance/Delivery Unit.