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The Department of Transport Participates at the IRF Congress and Exhibition in New Delhi
Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017
The Department of Transport Participates at the IRF Congress and Exhibition in New Delhi
The Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi is participating at the International Rods Federation (IRF) Congress and Exhibition that is taking place in New Delhi, India, during 14-17 November. The theme of the exhibition is “Safe Roads and Smart Mobility: The Engines of Economic Growth.” The Conference provides an outlet for sharing research, best practices and experiences from across the world in road, transport and mobility sectors.
The four-day conference will include 44 discussion sessions addressing road safety management and number of innovative solutions that support the implementation of a developed infrastructure and support traffic safety.
DoT will present during its participation a number of the main initiatives and projects that are designed to enhance road safety and infrastructure. The DoT delegation will seize the opportunity for knowledge and experience exchanging with other transport government entities around the world. The delegation will effectively communicate with the private sector as well along with specialists from the transport infrastructure sector.
In addition, DoT participation at the congress aims to promote for the International World Congress 2019 that will be held in Abu Dhabi. The event will emphasize the position of Abu Dhabi and the UAE globally, highlighting its ability to organize and attract main world events and congresses.
The event Abu Dhabi is going to host in October 2019 is expected to be attended by 5000 to 7000 delegates and representatives of government and private sectors in number of countries participating. DoT will cooperate and coordinate with other partners to offer all the requirements needed to assure the success of the event. During this event, participants will discuss updates of the improvement of road network, traffic management, best practices and innovations in smart cities, road designs and smart transport systems.