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The Department of Transport Inaugurates Umm Lafina Project
Wednesday, Dec 06, 2017
The Department of Transport Inaugurates Umm Lafina Project
  • The 10.5 km Road as an extension of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road
  • The project includes Pedestrian and cycling lanes along with other facilities like bikes renting.

The Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi announced the launching of a new main project that links Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road with Umm Lafina and Al Reem Islands during the ceremony of placing the foundation stone for the project and in the presence of H.E. Khalifa Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Undersecretary of DoT, along with H.E. Eng. Ahmed Mohammed Shareef Al Khouri, Chairman of Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada) along with number of other directors from DoT and Musanada and other directors from DoT and Musanada.

Al Mazrouei said that the AED 1.131 billion project includes the establishment of a road that links between Al Reem and Umm Lafina Islands to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road in Abu Dhabi on the intersection in Dhafeer Street. The project is part of the main transport projects that the DoT is pursuing in surface transport order to achieve Abu Dhabi’s plan goals, enhance the level of the infrastructure and support the economic growth in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.  
To that regard, Eng. ​Eng. Suwaidan Rashed Suwaidan Al Dhaheri, ​​Acting Chief Executive Officer of Musanada, stated that the 10.5 km road will include five bridges, road constructions where 4 km of which is above the water. The project is planned to be executed on two contracts and will be accomplished by the second quarter of 2020. The first contract will include the construction of a road with three lanes on each directions for 6.5 km starting from Al Reem Island and passes through Umm Lafina Island (North and South). In addition, the project will include building three bridges above water canals to maintain the navigation traffic. The other contract will include the establishment of the 4-km road above the water and areas with mangroves to connect the south side ofUmm Lafina Island with Sheikh Zayed Road. Moreover, two bridges will be built to pass through the water canals and main intersection to ease the traffic on all direction with Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road.
In addition, Al Dhaheri noted that the project will include pedestrian and cycling lanes will be constructed along with other facilities and bike renting shops in order to create an integrated project with all the services and facilities needed.
Arch-shaped concrete tiles will be used to preserve the environment, assure the flow of the water, reduce the bad effects on mangroves trees and enhance the navigation traffic in the area.
DoT prioritized the environment safety during the planning and designing phases in order to preserve the environment and maintain the general appearance of the place. This will aid in fulfilling the economic, societal and environmental demand in order to achieve sustainable development.