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Governance Delivery Unit Brief Scope of Services
Thursday, Mar 07, 2019
  1. Governance Delivery Unit Brief Scope of Services (DoT/T/SPP/1808/19)
The establishment of the Logistics Committee was a welcomed approach by all stakeholders. Therefore, the first tender intends to establish a permanent core logistics function in the Government of Abu Dhabi to ensure that all logistics projects, policies, procedures and regulations are assessed, monitored and implemented. This function will remove duplicated efforts within the government and ensure that all entities are contributing to the greater goal. The following will be delivered:
  1. Design the Logistics Sector Governance and Delivery Unit
  2. Design a logistics governance structure with clear mandate and evidence of benefits for senior leadership approval, including recommended KPIs, required management tools and required delivery unit membership.
  1. Build the Logistics Sector Governance and Delivery Unit
  2. Build the logistics sector governance and delivery unit including onboarding all relevant team members, processes and administrative functions and provide required training.
  1. Operate the Logistics Sector Governance and Delivery Unit
  2. Operate the logistics governance sector and delivery unit, including de-bottlenecking barriers, manage initiatives to completion and report progress and KPIs. It is assumed that this task will last 5 months and will be invoiced monthly.
  1. Establishment of a Logistics Industry Association
  2. Establish an Abu Dhabi Logistics Industry Association, including recruiting industry members.
  3. Launch and administer a Logistics Industry Association, including hiring a venue and design and branding.
  1. Capacity Building
  2. Develop capability-building roadmap, including skills matrix and required training.
  1. Conduct Logistics Performance Index (LPI) Survey & Analysis
  2. Conduct 150-200 online surveys, 15-20 face-to-face interviews and create the 2019 Abu Dhabi LPI Report.