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Department of Transport to Launch Awareness Campaign on Road Safety in Primary Schools
Wednesday, Feb 09, 2011

Abu Dhabi, 09 February 2011: The Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi launched an awareness initiative in Abu Dhabi schools in efforts to foster road safety knowledge in the Emirate regarding traffic rules and regulations, safe passage and the correct use of roads.

The initiative, started with Saad Bin Mo'aath School for primary education in Al Bahya, targeting students, teachers and parents through a series of workshops where teachers learned how to convey road safety concepts to students in the best ways possible to raise their traffic awareness and reduce accidents over the long run. Students learned best practices regarding highway safety including identifying highway hazards and encouraging safe behavior with their peers. Furthermore, they engaged in experiments where they measured the stopping distances, including driver reaction time, to increase their traffic sense and knowledge.

A meeting for parents was also held as the Department acknowledges their crucial role in reinforcing safety concepts in their children and encourages a constant collaboration between the school and parents in a child’s development.  Parents were encouraged to become positive role models to students by explaining to them the importance of road safety, the severity of the issue and by pointing out to them wrong practices to be avoided.

 “This initiative by the Department of Transport falls in line with the department’s plan to not only facilitate traffic through new building and infrastructure projects, but to create safer roads for residents of Abu Dhabi by fostering awareness among our children on the importance of road safety,” Eng. Faisal Ahmed Al Suwaidi, General Director of Main Roads in the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi, said.

“We are pleased from the cooperation we have witnessed from the school in implementing this campaign, which will act as a pilot and will hopefully be implemented in other schools in the Emirate as well,” he added.

Mohammed Ahmed Al Housani, principal of the Saad Bin Mo'aath Primary School was pleased with the initiative and highlighted its importance in educating students and raising their awareness.

“As a school, we understand the value of our students and the role they play in shaping the future. We are honored to take part in this programme, and we definitely believe that it is important to educate students on road safety and the severe repercussions of ignoring precautions and rules from a younger age in order to instill these values in them as they grow up,” Al Housani added.

The Department of Transport has also recently provided buses for students of the Saad Bin Mo'aath Primary School to transport those living in neighboring areas who miss the morning and afternoon buses to and from the school during the week. The initiative was carried out to stop students from crossing the highway to reach the school building, which poses a threat to their safety.


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