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Department of Transport Launches Electronic N.O.C System for Right-of-Way Services
Sunday, Oct 16, 2011

Move aimed at improving the online services on offer at DoT

Abu Dhabi, 16 October, 2011: The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi (DoT) has launched an online No Objection Certification (NOC) system for “Right of Way” (ROW) services (NOC-ROW) page linked to its website dot.abudhabi.ae. The new system is expected to go a long way in assisting the applicants and users in the issuance of NOC(s) for relevant work undertaken, and is a step forward in the Surface Transport Master Plan (STMP).

The new system aims to enhance and expedite the process of issuing ‘No Objection Certificates for Right of Way’ as it is equipped with an advanced platform for prequalified consultants, contractors and developers working in Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The new online system is a one stop shop for applicants seeking DoT’s No Objection Certificates for Right of Way services as it allows consultants, contractors and developers to obtain certificates online, in Arabic and English, and helps them to communicate efficiently during the assessment phase. Once all requirements have been met and upon DoT's final approval on the application, the system will issue the NOC electronically.

The new electronic platform provides users internally and externally with greater flexibility and ease of use. On the one side, it provides applicants with relevant information and details the application process and steps to be followed to obtain the No Objection Certificate. Also, it allows applicants to follow up on their applications in all stages directly with the concerned divisions in the Department of Transport. On the other hand, the new electronic platform provides DoT staff with easy access wherever they are, and enables them to sign the application electronically for faster process and issuance of the NOC certificates.

The DoT has started conducting regular audit site visits to ensure that contractors and developers have obtained the necessary NOC certificates, and are adhering to engineering standards and technical specifications stipulated by the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, the new system allows DoT inspectors conducting audits site visits to send their audit reports instantly using smart and mobile electronic devices while on site.

This electronic platform is the result of a global benchmarking exercise and sit visits of a number of the leading cities in transport around the world.   


For More information : mahmoud.elasheri@dot.abudhabi.ae