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Business Case Development Brief Scope of Services
Thursday, Mar 07, 2019
DoT/T/SPP/1826/19 - Business Case Development Brief Scope of Services
The Logistics Value Proposition identified nine plays. Following an analysis, the following six plays were identified for further development:
  • Refrigerated Food and Beverage Processing Hub
  • Regional Agro-Commodity Trading and Processing Hub
  • Regional White Goods Assembly Hub
  • Automotive Distribution Hub for the UAE
  • E-Commerce Distribution Hub for the GCC
  • Middle East Express Hub.
The chosen consultant will conduct a rigorous analysis to determine the viability of Abu Dhabi to compete and attract investors from these six plays including:
  • Six comprehensive business cases and implementation plans (incl. working group, benchmark, competition, opportunities, warehousing, cost-benefit analysis, etc.)
  • Tenant outreach and Investor attraction packages for all 6 plays (incl. funding strategy, tenants, service providers and suppliers identification, etc.)