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Video Gallery

Video Corporate film for the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi
An awareness video highlighting the Department of Transport's (DoT) Vision and Mission and strategy followed to achieve its objectives for the Transport sector in Abu Dhabi Emirate.
Video Sheikh Khalifa Interchange Project
This video includes general information about the Sheikh Khalifa Interchange Project and highlights the important role it plays in serving and connecting Sheikh Khalifa Port and the industrial areas surrounding it. Please visit our Road Projects page for more information on this project.
Video Surface Transport Master Plan
This video represents the Department of Transport's exepctations of the Surface Transport Master Plan and how it will contribute to the grwoth of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Video Paperless Day
This awareness material highlights the damaging effects that the consumption of papers has on the environment and calls for action to 'change the people's behaviour in this regard by going paperless'.
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