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Residents Parking Permits

Through this service, individuals can request for the issuance, renewal, transfer and cancellation of parking permits that can be used instead of the regular parking tickets to park their vehicles within the regulated sectors.

Process description

To apply for a new permit, renew, transfer, or cancel through The online online services of MAWAQIF, please follow the link below:

Or to apply for a new permit, renew, transfer, or cancel through The customer service centers, please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit one of Our Customer Service Centers
  2. Fill the application and submit the required documents.
  3. Pay the fees.
  4. Receive the parking permit from DoT.

Required documents

  1. Passport: Copy.
  2. Valid resident visa: Copy, for expatriates only.
  3. Tenancy contract: copy.
  4. Electricity and water bill of the last 3 months: Copy.
  5. Vehicle registration card: Copy.
  6. Proof of first degree relationship of the vehicle owner with the tenant or property owner: Copy (if the applicant is not the tenant nor the property owner.)


Fees for UAE Nationals – Apartments

-  Free: four vehicles .

Fees for UAE Nationals – Villas

- Free.

Fees for non UAE Nationals - Villas and Apartments

  1. First vehicle: AED800.
  2. Second vehicle: AED1,200.

Special conditions

  1. Permits are issued to the property owner or tenant in addition to first degree relatives (father, mother, wife, sons, brothers and sisters).
  2. Each permit serves one vehicle and is valid in the assigned sector within the applicants' residential area only.
  3. The permit covers the standard parking areas only (marked by Turquoise and Black colors)
  4. These permits do not offer parking reservation, or guarantee parking availability.
  5. Illegal parking will not be permitted at any time.
  6. Permit transfer is only allowed for other vehicles that are owned by the same permit holder.

Need more information on this service? You can contact Mawaqif customer service representatives through the following contact details:

Email: mawaqif@dot.abudhabi.ae
Call Centre: 800 - 88 888