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Policy and Approach

DoT has adopted a corporate-wide Sustainability Policy in August 2011.  The Sustainability Policy provides guidance and direction for DoT’s activities as a regulator, transport provider, employer, organization, and a community member incorporating sustainability elements that are in-line with Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Vision.


Sustainability Approach – Our Framework
DoT’s Sustainability Framework
Focus Area
Congestion Relief
Providing transportation options which encourage uptake of public transport while addressing sources of congestion though infrastructure development and parking control.
Safety and Security
Developing and enforcing policies which increase safety and encourage best practices in DoT internal operations and throughout the transport system.
Level of Service
Expanding DoT operations to meet new customer needs while increasing accessibility and modal transportation use.
Economic Return
Building a globally competitive transport system that encourages development and brings revenue to Abu Dhabi Government.
The development and regulation of a strong and efficient transport network requires a high calibre of organisational excellence. DoT continues to embed efficiency and best practices into operations in order to foster a positive and productive workplace with strong performance outcomes.
Environmental Sustainability*
[additional focus area for sustainability]
Measuring and minimising impact while integrating cleaner technologies into the transport system, and increasing environmental awareness for the long-term success of DoT and Abu Dhabi.
 * “Environmental Sustainability” is not a component of DoT’s five strategic objectives. It is represented in DoT’s sustainability framework to represent international best practices for sustainability reporting.
The DoT sustainability framework is a visual representation of our contribution towards the creation of an integrated and multimodal transport system.  This framework was developed to represent DoT’s 5 strategic objectives with an additional focus area of environmental sustainability in alignment with international best practice for sustainability management. It is used to frame and organize the management of sustainability by DoT and to measure performance against the organisation’s strategic objectives. It also forms the structure of the 2012 Sustainability Report.

Managing Sustainability

To ensure effective management and implementation of sustainability at DoT, the Chairman created the Sustainability Management Working Team (SMWT), a cross-functional team composed of a number of DoT employees representing sections and divisions from within the organization.

The SMWT was created at the end of 2010 with the responsibility of:

  • Championing and embedding sustainability into DoT’s strategy, management systems and operations.
  • Identifying and supporting the identification of sustainability initiatives that will accelerate sustainability-related performance gains.
  • Ensuring implementation and a high level of sustainability performance, with the primary goal of a sustainable transport system.
  • Ensuring that DoT regularly reports publicly on its sustainability performance, maintains a meaningful dialogue and seeks to co-innovate with its stakeholders.

The team currently meets once a month and has committed to work together to create a more sustainable DoT and transport system for the people and environment of Abu Dhabi.

In 2013, the SMWT’s main focus is on implementing sustainability within DoT through a variety of projects including:
  • Conducting employee awareness sessions open to all DoT employees to increase understanding of sustainability and raise knowledge and enthusiasm within DoT.
  • Active participation in Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG) meetings and subcommittees to support the spread of knowledge and uptake of sustainability management within Abu Dhabi .
  • Participate in 4 intensive trainings for SMWT members to develop knowledge foundation for sustainability implementation and evolution of sustainability at DoT.
  • Developing a program to evaluate and promote sustainability within DoT procurement and purchasing decisions.
  • Creation of behaviour change program encouraging Smart (Efficient, Safe, and Easy) Transport for DoT employees through research into current travel habits and an information and events campaign to support smart transport.
  • Producing the 2012 sustainability report.