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Park and Ride
The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi launched the Park and Ride scheme in Abu Dhabi as an initiative that assists in reducing traffic congestion within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, specifically within Abu Dhabi Island.
Now you can reach to Abu Dhabi Down Town within 15-20 minutes. Two Park and Ride express bus routes (A and B) have been designed to pick-up/ drop-off Park and Ride users from Zayed Sports City to main locations in the Down Town area as follows:
  • 'Route A': Currently operating from Zayed Sports City to Abu Dhabi Municipality and its surrounding area.  
  • 'Route B': Coming soon. This route will operate from Zayed Sports City to Al Mamoura Building and its surrounding Area.
You can click on the links below to view the Park and Ride Bus Route maps and Timetables, plus the location map of the Park and Ride Car Park in Zayed Sports City.
Park and Ride Car Park
Route Maps and Timetables
- 'Route A' New                   
- 'Route B' Coming Soon!

How does it work?

Under the Abu Dhabi Park and Ride Scheme, motorists can park their vehicles at a safe and secured Park and Ride site located at Zayed Sports City and continue the journey free of charge to the city centre on an express Park & Ride shuttle. The driver will collect free tickets (one for the driver and up to three for passengers) from the Ticket Office located at the site. These tickets offer free rides on Park & Ride Express Buses and all Public Buses within Abu Dhabi Island, for the whole day as per the validity of the ticket. 

By using the Abu Dhabi park and ride service, you become a responsible member of the public who helps DoT in achieving the following objectives:

  • Reduce congestion and the need to build more road capacity.
  • Transition motorists away from private cars to other modes of transport.
  • Minimize the environmental impacts resulted by high number of private cars within Abu Dhabi city.
  • Reduce parking demand.
Who can benefit from the Park & Ride Scheme in Abu Dhabi?
If you are driving towards Abu Dhabi City Center, you can park your car at a secure parking facility located at the entrance of Abu Dhabi Island (Zayed Sports City) and ride the free express shuttle that stops at strategic locations within Abu Dhabi Central Business District.
In addition to assisting in achieving the goals mentioned above, there are many advantages you can benefit from when utilizing the free park and ride service in Abu Dhabi offered by DoT, such as:
  • Reduce time spent in traffic and finding a parking space in congested areas within the city centre of Abu Dhabi.
  • Reduce the cost of their daily travel including fuel, car maintenance and parking… etc.
  • Ensure your car is parked at a secured facility.

Also, you can enjoy a comfortable ride and free WIFI connection on the shuttle.