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Integrated Transportation Planning Division

Integrated Transportation Planning (ITP) Division's role is central to the overall DoT vision to "deliver an effective transport system that contributes to the economic growth, quality of life and environmental sustainability of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi."

Without effective planning, it will not be possible to direct transport investment to meet the economic, quality of life and environmental goals of Abu Dhabi in a rational manner. Identifying the right long-term transport system that is needed and the optimal phasing of its implementation also required proper planning at the early stages.
In order to achieve this, ITP Division`s key services are:
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)– Set mapping standards and provide comprehensive map based information on the transport system to DoT and external users, GIS provides as well transportation spatial tools for the internal and external users;
  • Surface Transport Master Plans (STMPs)– Prepare, update and monitor long-range strategic integrated multi modal plans for the Regions of Abu Dhabi Emirate;
  • Transportation Impact Studies (TIS) - Manage the transportation impacts of all urban and rural land use developments;
  • Transportation Mobility Management (TMM)–Develop, Implement and maintain the Abu Dhabi Mobility Management Strategy to enhance and promote the use of sustainable travel options in Abu Dhabi; this includes Park N Ride, Carpooling, Flexible working practices, staff shuttle bus services, and travel planning for schools/universities, visitor destination and workplace travel;
  • Right of Way No Objection Certificates (ROW)– Lead and coordinate all utility projects within ROW, Review and issue the final approvals of NOC’s for all works including utilities within ROW, Monitor, control and NOC related works within ROW;
  • Transportation Studies – Undertake studies to consider transportation network issues; and,
  • Travel Demand Forecasting– Maintain and update the DoT’s Strategic Transportation Evaluation & Assessment Model (STEAM) and other transportation modelling tools.

The above requires the continuous development, maintenance and upgrading of sophisticated computer software and hardware for transport demand modelling, right of way protection, geographical information systems (GIS), and transportation impact studies (TIS) which underpins the Division’s work.