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Abu Dhabi Walking and Cycling Master PLan Exectuvie Summary
This Walking and Cycling Master Plan (WCMP) advocates walking and cycling – “active travel” – as essential and increasingly popular means of personal transportation for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It promotes these modes as a unique opportunity to develop a society which is healthier, safer, sustainable and defined by movement of people rather than motor vehicles.
The plan advances the idea that everyone, regardless of age, sex, culture or income can choose to walk or cycle for a range of trip purposes, supporting high quality places and as a cornerstone of the Emirate’s future economic and social development.

The WCMP aims to develop active travel as a key element of a comprehensive, balanced and multi-modal transport system to 2030. In this context, walking and cycling:
  • Provide a viable transport option, especially for short trips, which maximises access to jobs and services without increasing congestion
  • Improve wellbeing through active lifestyles and help prevent poor health, including obesity, diabetes and circulatory disease
  • Support sustainable land use, create vibrant, safe and liveable places and ensure greater access for everyone to local services
  • Provide mobility, equity and access, and enhanced mobility and independence for vulnerable groups
  • Are critical success factors for the development of viable public transport networks, interchanges and services
  • Help improve local air quality and reduce carbon emissions
  • Supportsustainable culture and tourism, strengthening Abu Dhabi’s brand value as a regional and global destination
  • Can be promoted and adopted for much of the year within the climatic and geographical constraints of the Emirate
  • Are inexpensive to the user and offer a sound investment with benefits significantly outweighing the costs.

Download the full executive summary document below.