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AGSTMP Background and Overview

Context - AGSTMP sets out a detailed strategy and a phased implementation plan to provide the surface transport system needed to support the planned growth of the Region, as set out in Plan Al Dhafra 2030.  The population of the Region is forecast to increase to 450,000 people in 2030.

Development - The AGSTMP was developed in close consultation with key government stakeholders and was coordinated by a Technical Committee chaired by the DoT with the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities (previously UPC), Al Dhafra Municipality, Abu Dhabi Police and Environment Abu Dhabi.  Six major workshops were held in the region which included a wide range of other stakeholders.

Strategy – The Plan provides sustainable transport solutions that are integrated with land use and address the economic, cultural and environmental needs of the Region.

Future Direction - The AGSTMP is a strategy to move to a future where public transport, walking and cycling are more central to the way we travel.   The use of the Etihad Rail for freight movement will be key to reducing truck traffic in the longer term.

Public Transport – Bus services will be continue to be developed both within cities and for inter regional travel. Passenger services on Etihad Rail may provide another alternative in the longer term. Taxi services will continue to complement the public transport system.

Walking and Cycling - Infrastructure will be expanded in all the cities.

Road Network – Major improvements are planned for the key regional road corridors. Some of there are now completed or nearing completion.