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The Deprtment of Transport in Abu Dhabi Updates and Expands The Public Bus Network Across The Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Tuesday, Dec 20, 2011

After Exceeding Fifty Million Passengers in 2011

Abu Dhabi on December 20, 2011 - The Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi announced today the expansion and update of the public bus network and timetables across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. 

Abu Dhabi Island

Following the re-opening of Al Salam Street, local bus services 006, 011, 044, and 056 will be rerouted to provide better coverage of Madinat Zayed and Al Baladiya areas. On Bainunah Street, due to major road construction, bus services 008 and 009 are rerouted in Al Bateen area and at ADNOC headquarters.

Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street

The major artery in Abu Dhabi will receive bus service twice an hour to Al Marina and Sport. Additional service is planned for implementation with the next timetable change in the future. Buses are added to all services in order to improve stability of the timetable. Abu Dhabi local bus services will continue to operate 24 hours every day.

Abu Dhabi Suburbs

Regional bus services between Abu Dhabi island and the suburbs are expanded significantly. New areas served are Saadiyat Island, Zayed University, MASDAR City, Khalifa City B, Al Raha Beach, Yas Island North, Al Bahya, Shahama Al Jadeeda, Al Falah, Al Shamkha South, Baniyas North, Al Najda Al Jadeeda, and Mussafah Workers City.

All Regional bus services except 161 and 406 will continue to serve the existing stops at Khalifa Street, Muroor Road, Bus Station, Airport Road and Zayed Sport City. Bus services 406 will not operate to Abu Dhabi downtown, but instead end at Al Marina via Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street.  

Buses will connect Abu Dhabi with Saadiyat Island every 30 minutes to provide access to Manarat Saadiyat exhibition centre and the hotels.

All Bus Services to the Northern and Eastern Suburbs will operate via Saadiyat Island Sheikh Khalifa Bridge and Highway.

Bus service to Yas Island will be improved. Up to 13 buses per hour will stop at the new transfer stop “Yas Island ADDC”. At this stop, passengers may change buses to travel between suburbs where no direct bus service is available. The new community Yas Island North will receive a direct bus service to Abu Dhabi. 3 buses per hour will link Yas Island Hotels with Abu Dhabi.

Bus services operate hourly between Abu Dhabi and Al Raha HQ, Al Bandar and Al Zeina.

Bus services to Khalifa City A will be strengthened. Up to 5 buses per hour will operate to Abu Dhabi. Hourly services connect Khalifa City A with Al Marina, Petroleum Institute, Al Raha Beach Mall, Al Reef and Shahama. Buses depart to MASDAR City about every 30 minutes. New bus service 161 will operate via Al Forsan.

Bus services will now operate between MASADR City and Abu Dhabi every 30 minutes.

Etihad Plaza will receive a new hourly connection to Al Reef, Shahama and Al Raha Beach Mall. Three buses per hour operate to Khalifa City A.

The existing bus service 180 providing a direct link between Al Raha Beach Mall, Petroleum Institute and Abu Dhabi has been cancelled due to poor ridership. As an alternative, passengers may use new hourly bus service 218 between Al Raha Beach Mall and Petroleum Institute and change to bus services 140, 10, 161, and 163.

Petroleum Institute will be linked hourly to Raha Beach Mall, Khalifa City A, Shahama, Zayed University, Al Marina, and MASDAR City. In addition to the existing local bus service 054, up to 5 Regional buses per hour operate to and from Abu Dhabi.

Zayed University will receive an hourly bus service to Abu Dhabi via Khalifa City A.

Due to its strategic location between major highways, Al Reef community will become a major transfer point. Buses leave to Abu Dhabi 4 times per hour, to Shahama 3 times per hour, and operate hourly to Baniyas, Al Mafraq Hospital, Khalifa City A, Al Raha, Petroleum Institute, Khalifa City B, Shwameikh, Mussafah, and Mussafah Industrial Area.

Service to Al Shamkha and Al Falah will be strengthened. Bus services 302 and 304 will provide new service to Al Shamkha South and Al Falah communities. Frequency between Abu Dhabi and Al Shamkha will increase to up to 3 buses per hour.

Bus services to Shahama are restructured. Existing bus service 200 will continue to operate 24 hours every day to Abu Dhabi. In order to increase coverage, buses will operate via Al Bahya and Saadiyat Island freeway. New bus services will link Shahama with Al Reef, Al Mafraq Hospital, Khalifa City A, Khalifa City B, Shwameikh, Mussafah, Baniyas, Al Raha and Petroleum Institute.

Al Bahya North and Al Bahya will receive a direct connection to Abu Dhabi In addition to the existing local bus service to Shahama and Al Rahba Hospital. Shahama Al Jadeeda will be connected to Shahama, Al Rahba, and Samha with the extension of existing local bus services 222 and 224 and via new bus service 203 to Abu Dhabi.

Bus Services to Baniyas are reorganized in order to reduce travel times. Bus service 402 is split into new services 401 to Baniyas East and 403 to Al Watba South. Bus service 405 is split into 404 to Al Nahda Al Jadeeda and 405 to Al Nahda Al Askariah. Both services share the same route along Al Ain highway up to Al Nahda Al Askariyah Grand Mosque.

Baniyas North will be reconnected to the public transport network with a direct link to Sport City and Al Marina.

In order to reduce travel time to Al Mafraq Hospital, bus service 150 operates via Al Ain highway and Marwan Camp, and therefore will no longer serve Khalifa City B and Shwameikh. Al Mafraq Hospital will be linked to Baniyas, Mussafah, Khalifa City B, Al Reef and Shahama.

All buses to Baniyas and Al Mafraq will stop at the new transfer stop “Marwan Camp”. At this stop, passengers may change buses to travel between suburbs where no direct bus service is available.

Khalifa City B is linked by new bus service 155 to Abu Dhabi and new bus service 210 to Mussafah, Mafraq Hospital, Al Reef and Shahama.

Shwameikh is connected by new bus service 406 to Zayed Sport City and Al Marina, as well as by service 420 to Shahama, Al Reef, and Baniyas.

With the introduction of new service 115, up to 4 buses per hour will operate between Abu Dhabi and Mussafah Industrial Area Street 8. 115 will also provide 24-hour service to the Mussafah Industrial Workers City.

As general guideline, all regional bus services operate daily between 05:30 and 24:00 every 60 minutes. Services 102, 110, 115, 160, 200, 300, and 400 will continue to operate 24 hours a days and operate every 30 minutes during peak hours. Buses will no longer operate to the old Fish Market bus station in Al Markaziyah.

Eastern Region

All Al Ain city bus services will start and end 30 minutes earlier to reflect early morning demand. First trips reach Al Ain city centre before 06:00, last trips leave Al Ain city centre after midnight.

Al Gharbia

In Madinat Zayed, local bus services 662 and 665 exchange branches in order to achieve more equal bus loadings and driver rest times.

New local bus services 891 and 892 in Al Sila’a will replace the current bus service 19 to expand the coverage area to Al Sila’a West and better connect residential with commercial areas.

Regional bus services between Gayathi and Ruwais are reorganized. New bus services 680 and 880 will replace the existing services between Ruwais and Gayathi. Gayathi Farms area and Bida Al Mutawa will receive a direct connection via Gayathi to Ruwais.



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