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Mawaqif Launches New Rechargeable Cards
Monday, Oct 28, 2013
As part of its commitment to providing world-class solutions to manage parking requirements in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Mawaqif launches new rechargeable cards, which offer users a wide spectrum of benefits such as the ability to work on all “Mawaqif” fees payment machines and the facility to recharge them through the “Mawaqif” electronic account in various flexible ways such as cash or credit cards.  
In addition, the new cards allow users to get access to all details of transactions through the “Mawaqif” account as well as the ability to link more than one card to the same account. Should the cards be lost or damaged, the user can have the available balance used either for another rechargeable card or via “m-mawaqif” service.
The basic available credit in the card will be AED 50 which will be automatically added to their “Mawaqif” account and can be recharged for up to AED 500 each time. The cards are available for purchase at Mawaqif customer service centres as well as at registered distribution outlets (the full list can be accessed via the link: www.mawaqif.ae).
How to activate the cards
  • Existing “Mawaqif” account users can activate the card by sending an sms from their registered mobile number to 3009 in the following format:
LINKCard NumberCVC
An activation sms will be then sent to their mobile with the available balance.
  • For users who do not have a Mawaqif account, all they need to do to activate the card is to send an sms to 3009 with the following format:
LINKCard NumberCVC
The users will then receive two messages via their mobile phones: the first sms will confirm the activation of the “Mawaqif” account given the user name (as the mobile phone number) and password which will allow the user to access their account. The second sms will confirm the activation of the rechargeable card as well as a verification of the available balance.
“Mawaqif” account can be recharged through various channels such as the website (www.mawaqif.ae) through mawaqif account section, or from the 270 Mawaqif self service kiosks in the UAE (out of which 70 are in Abu Dhabi City) or from Mawaqif customer service centres. To check the available balance in the account, users can send an sms with the word “BAL” to 3009 or by visiting the same website and section. The cards should not be bent or stored near to a magnetic field nor exposed to excessive heat such as direct sunlight.
Mohammed Hamad Al Muhairy, General Manager of Mawaqif at the Department of Transport said: “The launch of the new Mawaqif rechargeable card comes in line with the DoT’s endevours to provide flexible, convenient and proactive solutions to the public to achieve the maximum benefits of the service, thereby allowing them hassle-free accessibility to their destinations.”

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For more information or enquiries, please conact: mahmoud.elasheri@dot.abudhabi.ae